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St. James the Apostle

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Caritas Plaridel is the lead Catholic agency for social services and development in the Parish of St. James the Apostle, Plaridel, Bulacan. Founded on September 27, 2007

Five Priority Issues

  • Unemployment

  •  Rural Poor

  •  Health

  •  Education

  •  Formation


Five Priority Programs

J - ob Oppurtunities

A - ssistance to the Poor

M - edical Missions

E - ducational Assistance

S - pirituality


  • J - ob Oppurtunities

Proposed programs for the poverty alleviation as initiated by the church:

  1. livelihood seminars
  2. job fairs
  3. trade fairs


  • A -ssistance to the Poor

1) Sagip Batang Lansangan

In an effort to help the street children in Plaridel, which is notably growing in numbers, Caritas Plaridel with the help of Municipal Social Welfare and Development, with the aid of the PNP Plaridel, gathers the street children and their parents so that they will have the necessary information and orientation regarding the violation of laws which they (parents) have committed. The program does not aim at just arresting them but to help them.

  • for the parents - livelihood seminars will be offered to them
  • for the children - special tutorial lessons will be given so that by next school year they can be incorporated to normal schooling
  • for both of them - value formation seminar will be given to them

2) Feeding Program

In taking up issues of poverty, consequent concerns undoubtedly follows.  One immediate apprehension we see is health care.  The most fragile victims of illness and malnutrition are the young children.  They easily become ready prey to the hazards that our society brings.

Just as Christ has laid special attention to these little ones, so does St. James the Apostle Parish intends to do.  The parish has enlisted 100 poorest of the poor children around the town to be the beneficiaries of this 6-month comprehensive feeding program.  They will be provided with nutritious food and multivitamin supplements while their weight and height are regularly monitored.

The parish recognizes that without proper nutrition, full human development is never possible.  Thus, we cannot continue feeding their spiritual needs without providing for their basic and fundamental need.

It is a Christian mandate on the church to perform this.  It is also a Christian responsibility for our community to cooperate in this endeavor.  Thus, we invite everyone to join us in this undertaking by sharing resources or personal volunteering of services to our programs.


  • M - edical Missions

Caritas Plaridel offers regular free clinic every Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Its clinic is located at the parish hall of the church. Volunteer doctors and dentists are scheduled to offer medical services at their available time.


  • E - ducational Assistance

1) Scholarship Program

  • transportation allowance
  • food allowance
  • book allowance
  • tuition fees

2) Mission College

In coordination with a partner university, a mission college will be opened for the poor but deserving students where a ladderized course will be offered.

St. James Vocational-Technical School

Poverty is one serious difficulty our society faces today. It sets unnecessary limitations to families that hinder the growth of each of its members and the entire family as a whole. The Diocese of Malolos, and the universal Roman Catholic Church for that matter, considers herself as church of the poor. It is an important responsibility and a Christian mandate of the Church to address these issues of poverty and deprivation.

Caritas Plaridel under the inspiration of the Diocesan Commission on Service (COS) of the Diocese of Malolos, established St. James Vocational Technical School at St. James the Apostle Parish grounds Plaridel, Bulacan in 2008. Caritas Plaridel recognizes that the best way to alleviate poverty is through education. Recent studies show the increasing number of out-of-school youth in our country. Plaridel and the nearby towns are neither free from this phenomenon. And so, Caritas Plaridel aims at helping these out-of-school youth through full scholarships offered at St. James Vocational Technical School.

Currently, the school is accommodating thirty two (32) 2nd Year and fifty one (51) 1st Year students in Commercial Cooking and Food and Beverages under the curriculum of Hotel and Restaurant Services (HRS).

Caritas Plaridel believes that student products of St. James Vocational Technical School will become formidable assets of our society. They are trained to become well-rounded individuals with high spirit of volunteerism and intact integrity. While we are helping these young students to acquire skills through formal education, we also ensure that they receive proper spiritual formation.

While we are doing our share in alleviating poverty, it is significant to note that the real task of eradicating poverty is a communal responsibility. Caritas Plaridel invites everyone to join us in this endeavor by sponsoring a student and by sharing resources that will help us facilitate and further improve St. James Vocational Technical School in Plaridel, Bulacan.

3) Career Seminar will be offered to the different high schools in Plaridel.


  • S - pirituality

Formation Program:

All beneficiaries of Programs of Caritas Plaridel must undergo the formation seminar.


St James the Apostles - Caritas Plaridel

For generous help and assistance to CARITAS-Plaridel, please contact Rev. Fr. Jose Dennis A. Espejo or Mrs. Baby Buhain of St. James the Apostle Parish.

St. James the Apostle Parish
Fr. Vic Lopez Street, Poblacion
Plaridel, Bulacan 3004, Philippines