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Bethlehem House of Bread

Little Baguio, Baliuag, Bulacan


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In the bustling town of Baliuag, there is a house set up for the poor malnourished children. Its location is rather unusual being just behind the public market, but God’s designs are often startling to the undiscerning mind.

For one, there is a sharp contrast between the purposes of the odd neighbors – one for nourishing the body, the other, for the soul. Clearly, the center will provide a happy balance in the life of the people there, especially as it serves to remind them of the more essential values in life –our spiritual well being.

Often times, we are not aware of His gentle persuasion towards this end. For He does it in a circuitous way, choosing people and touching their hearts to do something for His favored flock – the poorest of the Poor. In this particular case, a woman’s self-denial and concern for others has made this apostolate for malnourished children possible in Baliuag.

In 1985, Ka Nena Cruz, a deeply religious lady from Baliuag, donated a 3,000 sq. m. lot to the apostolate missions of Rev. Fr. Boyet S. Concepcion. Being just behind the Baliuag public market, it is a prime lot that could command a hefty sum, but she gave it all for God’s own purpose.

Currently, Bethlehem House of Bread has 81 in-house children and 500 pupils from around the depressed areas of Bethlehem that attend school at Liceo de Bethlehem. The children in this project are below 12 years of age.

Meanwhile, Fr. Boyet and the youth form Galilee Home had begun to do their outreach program even extending to the outskirts of Baliuag. It is here where the good priest found a number of children who were malnourished and sickly. He would periodically share with them the vitamins, medicines, food and clothing they received from the benefactors and friends of Galilee Home. But in the course of time, he came to realize that a continuing program and holistic intervention was necessary to achieve permanent and desirable results. This led to the happy match between the donated site and the need of the area – a nutrition center where malnourished children can be nursed back to health. When the plan was brought to the Most Rev. Bishop Rolando J. Tria-Tirona, he readily gave his blessings. Thus, on April 26, 1997, marked the groundbreaking and official start of the construction of Bethlehem House of Bread.


The House of Bethlehem is a simple apostolate which is pure in its ways and true to its goal of carrying into action the Lord's words " Whoever welcomes a child such as these children for My sake welcomes Me and whoever welcomes Me, welcomes Him who sent Me. " (Mk 9:37) It is finding love and serving Christ on malnourished children of the poor of whom the House shall give care. Eventually, what God desires to happen to His chosen community shall be realized.


The Bethlehem apostolate shall strive to bring about normal physical health and spiritual nourishment for the malnourished children of the poor and for those who will participate in this spiritually rewarding undertaking.

Specifically, it aims to:
1. Devote time, heart, hands in serving Christ in His least in the spirit of love and service.
2. Nurse back to normal health the poor malnourished children.
3. Coordinate efforts with various groups to complement the services in the house.
4. Engage parents, benefactors, friends and co-workers in regular spiritual exercises.
5. Provide continuous improvement and structuring of the House's condition for better operation.
6. Used a prepared evaluation guidelines for better personal, social and spiritual formation of the Bethlehem community.


Address: Little Baguio, Baliuag, Bulacan